Graduated in Biological Sciences (Biomedicine - Biophysics) from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (1988), Master of Sciences (Biophysics) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1992) and PhD in Biological Sciences (Biophysics), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1997). Postdoc Scholar at Collège de France (Chaire de Neuropharmacologie) in 1999. Associate Professor at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro since 1998 (Assistant Prof. from 1996 to 1998). Formal training and experience in Biophysics and Cell Biology, with emphasis on Cellular Neurobiology. Leader investigations in basic experimental science cover gap junctional intercellular communication in neuronal and glial arrays and neural development. After five years of partial retreat of my activities in basic research (2003-2007), I have turned my intellectual emphasis and production mostly to an original Art/Science interface, settled up onto both experimental and epistemological grounds. I am presently the Coordinator of the interdisciplinary group Anatomy of Passion, founder and head of the corresponding Laboratory of Experimental Epistemology, co-founder and
staff-member of the Laboratory of Cellular Neuroanatomy, co-founder of the Rio SfN Chapter, member of the Head Committee of the Advanced Program in Neuroscience, tenured professor of the Graduate Program in History of Sciences and Techniques and Epistemology, Professor at the Institute Tercio Pacitti of Computational Applications and Research, associate researcher of the Program of Contemporaneous Advanced Culture, and member of the transdisciplinary program Alexandria (Dean of Graduate Studies and Research PR-2), all Institutional entities and/or Research Program of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Maira Froes

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